ATCTECH is strategically established and located in Calgary which is the oil & gas hub of Canada; with the objective of becoming a global player in the sourcing & supply of various commodities. We also have offices in Dubai as our extension. Dubai has emerged as Middle East’s leading destination for new initiatives and infrastructure. World class leaders in trade, logistics, financial services, hospitality and manufacturing make up over majority of business activity in the Emirates.

ATCTECH prides itself as one of the emerging leaders in the general trading Industry of hard commodities like Oil and refined Petroleum products through alternations options that are open and visible to regular high profile commodity traders and brokers. Our relationships with various governments and senior decision making bureaucrats, helps us to source and procure what you need when it comes to Crude Oil, LNG, LPG, Diesel and Jet Fuel etc. We provide complete supply and delivery solutions to our clients additionally as a service in the deal and ensure that you, as a Seller or Buyer are able to bridge the crucial gaps which many commodity brokers and traders face every day. Our teams work closely with customers to better understand their challenges and provide cost-saving solutions. The principles and standards of ATCTECH has made us one of the most reputed brokers in this business and we are able to satisfy all our clients around the World.

Our crude oil team actively engage in entrepreneurial trading, where we have long-standing relationships with producers and refineries across European, North American, Asian & Middle East markets.

Our trading team, supported by a global network of peer companies from our shareholders network, is well-positioned to maximize crude oil sourcing and trading synergies to our customers’ advantage. We utilize our robust, secure supply sources and deep market knowledge to leverage the best price, maximize opportunities and mitigate risk through physical deliveries on time and in target prices.

Our team’s in-depth experience and local presence enable us to support energy hubs by sourcing LNG from the global market and delivering natural gas where you need it. From procuring to transporting and distribution, we can handle all of your LNG needs.

ATCTECH has strong supply partners who have safely handled  ship-to-ship transfers of LNG and safely delivered natural gas & LPG to markets across the globe. With domestic energy needs continuing to rise, we guarantee consistent supply when you need it most throughout the year; 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No matter how much or how little LNG or LPG you need, we can work with you to find the most cost-effective solution to get the supply that you need.

Through our integrated, flexible gas solutions, from our partners LNG terminal & logistics infrastructure, we are able to create an open-access distribution hub, to connect our customers to the global LNG markets – regardless of their sector, size, or location.

Noble Resources is a niche physical merchant of non-ferrous metals and concentrates. We leverage our experience, platforms and networks to source, transport, finance, process and market a range of refined metals and metals concentrates including iron, copper, lead, zinc and nickel.

With the aim to cater to Asian raw material needs, we are primarily engaged in trade of steam coal, coking coal and iron ore, besides trading of base metals, sponge iron and ferro alloys.

With a presence across various international geographies, our team carries deep expertise in international sourcing across several origins including South Africa, Australia, Indonesia, USA, Russia, and Brazil; marketing and distribution across markets including retail deliveries; shipping and logistics; and financing, in order to deliver value to our business partners.

ATCTECH’s Refined Products Department trades refined products with refiners, traders, distributors, and end-users. We provide innovative solutions to complex problems using both physical and financial markets. Our long-term relationships with different market participants gives us the leverage to create value for our customers, as we strive to meet and exceed their expectations in every way possible. We are actively engaged in supply of Gasoil, Diesel EN590-10ppm, Gasoline, Jet A-1 and JP-54 etc to buyers across the globe. Through our trade activity we connect supply and demand, North and South, East and West. We provide energy to the regions where it is needed, creating new links between people, companies, industries and states.