ATCTECH offers complete spectrum of engineering, procurement, and construction services service providers and integrates them for your natural resources development (hydrocarbon and mining), general municipal infrastructure, water treatment & desalination, housing & real estate, electrical engineering and renewable energy projects. We have strategic alliances with qualified partners who can assist you from concept to detailed design, fully-integrated  construction, commissioning and right through to plant support services during its operations.

We pride ourselves on being efficient, lean and nimble. We believe in finding the correct engineering solution that maximizes project lifecycle value, with the most appropriate and efficient path to completion, whether it is a fit-for-purpose customized design, or a turnkey pre-engineered design. We are a results-orientated team that will work diligently to ensure our solution meets your short-term needs and long-term objectives. Some of our esteemed qualified EPC partners also offer project guarantees to demonstrate their commitment to providing a quality solution for your projects.

We leverage our specialized expertise, industry experience, and local partnerships to offer integrated solutions that minimize project risks for our clients. Our partner approach to projects means we collaborate closely with your team and evaluate solutions holistically to provide the best solution based on your drivers and best interests.





ATCTECH’s Water Solutions division provides an end-to-end bespoke through a proprietary bespoke design concept that uses the best available technologies in Pre-Treatment, Reverse Osmosis, and Post-Treatment. Our desalination systems are completely modular solutions that deliver affordable clean water without the use of chemicals, and consume considerably less energy during its operation; thereby reducing overall carbon footprint of the plant.

ATCTECH has exclusive partnerships with various water treatment and water engineering technology companies to provide customized water treatment and engineering solutions for both sea-water and brackish-water dependent regions that are lacking the right technology to make potable water for the communities.

ATCTECH covers a wide range of Water Treatment solutions, from the Feed Water intake (post Pre-Filtration) point to the Bulk Product Water Distribution Systems.

ATCTECH focuses on the following Water Treatment solutions:

​Large & Medium Sized Industries: Mining, Oil/Gas, Agriculture, Health, Food, Beverage & Chemical industries

  • Quasi-Government Organizations: Harbors, Ports & Military Facilities
  • Public Sector Infrastructure: Municipal Waste Water Treatment Facilities, Bulk Water Supply from Desalination facilities, Large Municipality requirements
  • Remote Location Water Solutions that are mobile and containerized for quick deployment – Remote settlements, Camps, Resorts, Islands, Offshore Oil/Gas
  • Emergency Relief: Mobile BWRO/SWRO Units that can provide immediate relief to communities of up to 10,000 persons in remote disaster or emergency locations.

Our modular sea water desalination units are engineered and built in sizes started from 5,000 m3/day ISU’s (Independent Scalable Units). We can configure any sized desalination plant requirements using the base ISU’s and combine 5 such units into a single 25 MLD module. Modules can then be installed at a rapid pace because each ISU and Module is factory tested, mounted on skids and shipped as one module to the plant location and commissioned. One can combine 10 such units at a relatively shorter time and have a completely modular 250 MLD plant in considerably less time than any other desalination technology provider.

ATCTECH believes in partnership with communities while caring about the environment they live in. ATCTECH brings a unique, eco-friendly, cost effective, SWRO desalination technology that eliminates the need for chemicals and has least effect on marine and aquatic life. We often use innovative solutions to reduce high salinity reject stock which can damage sea flora and fauna.

In Mining Sector we provide drilling rigs & complete exploration geology services which include evaluating base metal deposits, coal mining, sediment hosted ores, and precious metal deposits.  Our Mining Exploration Services cover:

  • Exploration Program Design and Budgeting
  • Prospecting
  • Geological mapping
  • Geochemical sampling and analysis
  • Diamond drill and reverse circulation program design & management
  • QA/QC program design and auditing
  • Mineral Exploration Services
  • Project Management
  • Drill Contractor Procurement / Management
  • Geological Field Support
  • Core sampling & core logging
  • Downhole geophysical programs, field data management and reporting
  • Assessment Reports
  • Digital Data Management
  • Project maps and interactive downhole data interface
  • Customized, interactive ArcGIS project database
  • Digital data compilations, cross-sections and 3D Models
  • 3-D Modeling
  • Geological Report Writing
  • Due Diligence Studies
  • Property Evaluations
  • Geological and Geotechnical Core Logging
  • Geological Map and Cross-Section Creation
  • Radiometric Core Logging
  • Geotechnical & Bulk Sampling
  • Assay Sampling
  • Surface Geochemical Surveys
  • Core Photography
  • Reserve estimations
  • Preliminary economic assessments
  • Pre-feasibility studies
  • Strategic mine planning and design
  • Mining risk analysis
  • Economic modeling
  • Open pit optimization

We use a multi-disciplinary approach to provide support to our clients with accurate and cost-effective analysis; we can assist you with your oil and gas consulting needs. We are known for:

  • Depth & Breadth of experience in the oil and gas industry
  • Timely solutions, particularly for clients that need to move quickly.
  • Multi-disciplinary team of experts, from petroleum engineers and geological consultants to appraisers and full drilling services in mining, oil and gas.
  • International and Canadian expertise, in major resource basins world-wide.

ATCTECH provides technical engineering services to assess and optimize mining projects.

Our Capability includes:

  • Mine Planning & Operations
  • Mine-Site Infrastructure
  • Turn-Key Mine Installation
  • Contract Mining Services
  • Resource Extraction, Processing, and Reclamation

Our Power Division has the understanding and know-how across the full spectrum of the modern electricity grid, including overhead lines and distribution networks. We provide a range of engineering services which sustain a reliable and safe supply of power to cities, homes and businesses where ever you need us. From project scoping and feasibility studies, to engineering design, EPC work, and on-going maintenance, our technical experts, flexible resources and innovative lower cost solutions support your growth through some of the most unique power transmission and distribution solutions. From simple uni-component installations to complex power projects, ATCTECH can handle your job safely, efficiently and cost-effectively. The substation division has the proven ability to work with our clients to complete projects on time and on budget while demonstrating their outstanding commitment to safety.

ATCTECH has the capabilities for both Greenfield and Brownfield installation of high voltage substations. Our team is experienced with the installation of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems via wire, fiber optic and microwave communication. Specializing in transmission, substation, and distribution systems, the company’s project management group can successfully handle the overall execution and completion of major utility projects and several multi-year contracts. Our team consists of professionals with diverse backgrounds with experience supporting small to large scale projects.  ATCTECH offers its expertise in the following

  • Switchyards
  • AIS Substations
  • GIS Substations
  • Transmission Lines
  • Substation Maintenance
  • Project Management
  • 3-D Design Engineering
  • Volt Variation Control
  • Power Optimization


In highly populated cities the main challenge in power transmission & distribution is to carry high voltage levels right into the heart of inner-city areas. With land prices going sky high, municipalities and cities are looking to find alternative solution which will minimize land and construction costs. ATCTECH has the right solution for you. We provide Modular GIS Substations MOGISS which are prefabricated at the substation manufacturing factory. These modular, urban and city substations are compactly built inside containers, featuring a small footprint, high reliability, low noise and ultra-low radiation. ATCTECH supplies Modular GIS Substations that are ideally suited for small spaces and remote unapproachable areas.


Wherever flexibility, fast-restoration, weather-proof, compact, economical and mobile solutions are required, ATCTECH’s containerized 132KV & 220KV high-voltage mobile substations are your lifesavers.

ATCTECH’s Engineering, procurement, and construction & Management (EPCM) services involve planning, engineering, constructing, and optimizing and operating facilities and assets through integrated solutions provided from our various specialized engineering partners. Our integration team coordinates and manages projects stakeholders and service specialists under one umbrella of ATCTECH which will scout the best engineering entities to cover every module of your project. ATCTECH will verify the work of financers, engineers, contractors, vendors, and suppliers and act as a trusted partner to guide the project from conceptual design to final construction. This approach ensures seamless management of complex projects from start to finish.

In our role as a general contractor, ATCTECH handles all the project planning and project coordination tasks for customers in the process and manufacturing industries. A team of specialists from the disciplines of project management, engineering coordination, procurement and construction management is therefore responsible for the entire life cycle of the order, starting from the rough concept and basic engineering through implementation to projects commissioning, operation and warranty.

EPCM initiatives can be complicated and difficult, particularly when internal staff resources are retiring or being outsourced. You need a trusted partner who understands your standards, goals, technical scope, schedule and budget to seamlessly guide your project from conceptual design to final construction.

OUR GUARANTEE is based on the principle that we are not mere integrators of existing technology, but a company that researches and develops unique project execution solutions. Implementation of these technologies and methodologies require practical knowledge and expertise that the company possesses and is able to apply towards unique needs of its clients; in order to provide cost effective custom solutions that meet exact requirements. Our complete solutions are designed to decrease your overall costs and reduce handoffs – while increasing quality, safety, and speed of execution. 

ATCTECH’s EPCM will be responsible for:

  • Design and Engineering work
  • Providing documentation and expertise for the permitting process
  • Negotiations with vendors and contractors, and recommendations to Owner
  • Issuing Purchase Orders and contracts on behalf of the Owner (dependent on Owner’s desire)
  • Monitoring and controlling project vendors and contractors during procurement and construction