ATCTECH prides itself as a specialized procurement agency for all your needs. We can dig out anything you are looking for due to our unique ability to identify producers, suppliers and manufacturers.

We have developed a vast database of producers, manufacturers and suppliers who we can connect within a short time and find out ways to procure the product you are looking for. Our reach is long and wide within the manufacturing industry and we are ready for your next order. We offer end-to-end strategic procurement services for businesses across a plethora of sectors.

We have market penetration capabilities in every continent. If you are looking for right channel partners to introduce your products and technologies in a new geographical region; you have arrived at the right place. Whether it is Oceania, Asia, Middle East, Latin America or North & Central America; we have the ability to find the perfect local partners for Joint Ventures and exclusive Sales & Distribution. Additionally ATCTECH itself has ability to establish your presence in any new region around the World. Typically we act as your technology channel partner to select local execution and deployment opportunities.

We take an innovative approach to managing the supply chain – a complete business model encompassing the talent and transformative tools needed to drive enhanced predictability, reliability and responsiveness. We are always ready and committed to  providing you with speed and resilience in a dynamic world.

Our global supply chain experts understand, refine and build the best in intelligence supply chains – leveraging expertise in data analytics and strategic logistics software and artificial intelligence to help you predict, plan and respond more effectively.

At our core, we are deal makers. Whether it is a refined petroleum products, mega epc projects or housing and real estate projects that need right partners; involve us and you will have a deal that creates a win win situation for every stake holder. We pride ourselves in making good deals that benefit your business and increase your revenues. We have successfully concluded large real estate deals for our partners and raised financing for projects in infrastructure, housing, energy supply and EPC Contracts. We can convince the other party to take a step forward and shake hands with you to make it work.