December 1, 2022





ATCTECH believes in partnership with communities while caring about the environment they live in. ATCTECH brings a unique, eco-friendly, cost effective SWRO desalination technology that eliminates the need for chemicals and has least effect on marine and aquatic life. ATC’s Water solutions division provides an end-to-end bespoke through a proprietary bespoke design concept that uses the best available technologies in Pre-Treatment, Reverse Osmosis, and Post-Treatment. Our desalination systems are completely modular solutions that deliver affordable clean water without the use of chemicals, and consume considerably less energy during its operation; thereby reducing overall carbon footprint of the plant.

ATCTECH has exclusive partnerships with various water treatment and water engineering technology companies to provide customized water treatment and engineering solutions for both sea-water and brackish-water dependent regions that are lacking the right technology to make potable water for the communities.


RTC covers a wide range of Water Treatment solutions, from the Feed Water intake (post Pre-Filtration) point to the Bulk Product Water Distribution Systems. ATCTECH focuses on the following Water Treatment solutions:

    • Large & Medium Sized Industries: Mining, Oil/Gas, Agriculture, Health, Food, Beverage & Chemical industries
    • Quasi-Government Organizations: Harbors, Ports & Military Facilities
    • Public Sector Infrastructure: Municipal Waste Water Treatment Facilities, Bulk Water Supply from Desalination facilities, Large Municipality requirements
    • Remote Location Water Solutions that are mobile and containerized for quick deployment – Remote settlements, Camps, Resorts, Islands, Offshore Oil/Gas
    • Emergency Relief: Mobile BWRO/SWRO Units that can provide immediate relief to communities of up to 10,000 persons in remote disaster or emergency locations.

Eco Conscious Solution

    • Chemical-Free SWRO and BWRO water treatment and purification process
    • Low energy solutions that reduce overall carbon footprint
    • Reduced brine discharge solutions that have minimal impact on marine life
    • Innovative brine concentration/reduction technologies

Low Cost Systems

    • Reduced plant footprint with available stackable design for SWRO plants
    • Mobile & Modular units for quick installation & commissioning
    • Reduced operational costs
    • Customizable as per available feed water sources and output requirements

Key Features

    • High quality construction materials use
    • Efficient energy recovery systems
    • Remote monitored modules also available reducing labor costs
    • Plug & Play installation for smaller sized plants
    • Elimination of chemical handling or hazardous waste disposal
    • Cost-effective and easy operation and maintenance

Operating Parameters

    • Capacity range 5m3/day to 500,000m3/day
    • Sea water TDS 30,000 – 50,000 ppm
    • Temperature 12°C to 35°C
    • Recovery 45-65% depending on single pass and double pass configurations

Tailormade Financing Options

    • BOT – Build Operate Transfer
    • BOOT – Build Own Operate Transfer
    • ROT – Rehabilitate Operate Transfer
    • ARC – Annual Recurring Cash

ATCTECH accommodates a wide range of business models. ATCTECH also provides A+, AA+ and AAA Underpin Performance and Maintenance Risk Cover through a low cost service level agreement between owner/operator and ATCTECH CANADA CORP.


Our modular sea water desalination units are engineered and built in sizes started from 5,000 m3/day ISU’s (Independent Scalable Units). We can configure any sized desalination plant requirements using the base ISU’s and combine 5 such units into a single 25 MLD module. Modules can then be installed at a rapid pace because each ISU and Module is factory tested, mounted on skids and shipped as one module to the plant location and commissioned. One can combine 10 such units at a relatively shorter time and have a completely modular 250 MLD plant in considerably less time than any other desalination technology provider.

The greatest advantage to you as a client is that you can have revenue generation from the smallest 25MLD module within 6 months. This provides you an opportunity to test the solution and verify the water quality and robustness of the technology without investing large amounts of money in the project at one time. Revenue generated from the first 25 MLD module can itself contribute to financing the remaining expansion of the project over a period of time as the modules can be expanded in multiples of 25 MLD for municipal needs.

Compared to the old fashioned “EPC model” of project execution, our modular plug and play construction approach to this type of plant benefits the client with:

    • Rapid Deployment in Market to Generate Quick Revenue Stream
    • Reduced Disruptions During Maintenance & Plant Expansion Phases
    • Reduced and Controlled Financial Risks
    • Technology Evaluation & Refinement Time
    • Reduced Project Costs
    • Improved Plant Performance
    • Easier Expansion Capability

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems and Sewater Desalination Plants

As the name suggests, pressure is applied to seawater in order to separate substances like water and salt and thereby produce fresh water. Its relatively easy operation and low energy consumption make it ideal for all capacities – small, medium and large plants. The Commercial Industrial Seawater Desalination SWRO Systems – designed to convert seawater to drinking water – use high quality reverse osmosis seawater desalination membranes. The product water is used in a variety of areas including municipal, hotels, resorts, military, off-shore platforms, large marine vessels and various industrial applications. Designed for demanding requirements of the tough environments, these systems use our proven technology to give reliable, long-term performance.


    • Conservatively engineered for reliable, long duration performance
    • Energy recovery included for larger models
    • Factory tested for trouble-free operation
    • Heavy duty powder coated frame
    • PLC controlled operation
    • Proven components used throughout the system


    • Hotels
    • Large Marine Vessels
    • Military
    • Municipal Water Treatment
    • Off-Shore Platforms
    • Resorts
    • Various Industrial Application

Optional Parts

    • Chemical Injection
    • Energy Recovery
    • ORP Monitor / Controller
    • pH Monitor for Feed or for Permeate
    • PLC with 10″ Touchscreen
    • Pre-treatment
    • Stainless Steel Boost or Repressurization Pump
    • Turbidity Monitor
    • UV System, Feed or Permeate

Replacement Parts & Consumables

    • Membrane Cleaning Cartridges
    • Replacement Components
    • Replacement Filter Housings
    • Replacement Membrane Pressure Vessels
    • Replacement Reverse Osmosis Membranes
    • Replacement Sediment Filters

Containerized Seawater Desalination System

 To adapt our Desalination Plants to your needs, we offer containerized mobile units from intake to distribution up to a production capacity of 25-250 m3/h of desalinated water. The containerized systems are designed for large-scale plants or long-distance delivery, by manufacturing pre-designed module-size plants, fully assembled in standard 20 or 40-ft containers.

The container just needs to be shipped out to where the potable water is needed, and after a brief training session, commissioned workers are ready to produce high-quality potable water within days of delivery. Custom designed individual containerized water treatment solution is available.


    • Can adapt to different environments
    • Easy installation
    • No need to leave space or build a new architect to install the system
    • Saves space for customers
    • Suitable for long-distance transport

Seawater Packaged Desalination Systems

It is significant for customers in water-scarce areas to achieve and maintain low operating costs. Our Seawater Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) series packages systems easily meet these needs while optimizing operating costs. These systems cover a range of applications, including boiler feedwater make-up, irrigation water, plant process water, and small community potable water demand. For those applications which have challenging feedwater, these systems offer ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis both to maintain the quantity and quality of water required.


    • Fast lead time on industrial desalination systems
    • FRP membrane housings, high pressure pipe pickled and passivated for corrosion resistance
    • Integrated energy recovery device for energy conservation
    • Remote central control system
    • SWRO media filtration, with clean-in-place, and chemical feed options

Water Desalination Skids

These high-salt-rejection RO desalination systems are best suited for private water supplies, small communities, commercial or light industries with TDS levels up to 500 mg/l. It is a simple stand-alone system with options of pre-treatment with multi-media and carbon filters. Water softeners are recommended with this system for water hardness above 100 mg/l. Larger Systems can be supplied to meet needs and specifications. These systems offer a high level of productivity gains and more water recovery.

Customized Solution

Selection of a plant depends on application, water quality and water consumption. Our water experts are at your service to ensure the best customized solution.